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Reed-Matthews Family

Somethings not right! - Our site was hacked along with a bunch of others, and I haven't gotten everything put back to rights, yet. See the "What's New" link in the menu on the left to get a quick overview of changes to documents and entries in the database.

Have populated the Reed side of the family from the "John and Sarah Reed" paper by Doss Reed. Beginning with the research done by James D. Reed and his wife Winnie Doss Brown, Jim's ancestors are now entered from the family tree chart (see Documents for "James David Reed Ancestors, by James D and Doss B. Reed - Pedigree chart").

Next will be to populate family siblings and other events taking information from the three short reports Jim and Doss wrote describing (a) the John David and Sarah Reed story [done], (b) the Caldwell family history, and (c) the Whig Caldwell story. See documents for each of those, too.

Feature Articles

feature 1 Lewis Jarvis Reed Family Reunion, Aug 1-4, 2013 Well, the reunion at Mt Sequoia was a huge success. Thanks to all who worked so hard to get things organized.

I'll post some of the group and family pictures I got, here, and as we vet which image we like from the duplicates that Susan Reed and I both took, will create a repository to begin documenting who's who.

feature 2 Poppa's Hat Here is a link to the YouTube video with Henrietta Kimbrough Holcomb performing the family ritual inducting Robert Edwards Matthews Reed into the Reed family, proper. The baby bonnet used was first worn, so it is said, by Lewis Jarvis Reed. We don't know for sure who made it.

Lewis Jarvis Reed was born on 22 December, 1856. Robert Edwards Matthews Reed was born in 2000.

feature 3 James L. Solomon's Stone House I'm looking for a picture of the stone house that Grandpa Jim built in the center of Clever, Missouri - I have some new pictures, but I remember a picture of him - I think with a grizzled beard - that must have been taken in the 1950s just before he died (my one childhood memory of seeing him) - though perhaps it's just in my head. If you have such a picture, would you let me know? Thanks.

feature 4 John and Nancy's Descendant Chart, Compressed See this link for an example of how things are filling in. Need much updated information and reviews by family members to get information corrected.

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